We Care For Tobacco

Controls & Accessories

In addition to BulkTobac's line of turnkey curing barns, we also have a large selection of accessories for the tobacco farmer.

Delta T Curing Control

Take the guesswork out of tobacco curing with the patented Delta T automatic curing control. This unique control system lets the tobacco itself set its own optimum curing schedule. It automatically adjusts both temperature and humidity levels in the barn, netting fuel savings.

Other Control Systems Available

  • Digital Temperature Monitor
  • Lower plenum and wet bulb temperature at the push of a button
  • Automatic thermostat advance systems
  • Manual thermostats
  • Wet bulb thermometers
  • Hygrometers
  • General use thermometers

BulkTobac's Delta T Automatic Curing Control

Automatic Thermostat Advance

BulkTobac's Automatic Thermostat Advance constantly advances the tobacco thermostat setting at a pre-selected rate (2 degrees per hour) to a pre-selected temperature.

When the pre-selected temperature is reached, the timing motor stops and the thermostat maintains the barn temperature at a certain point until another temperature is selected.

Humidification System

BulkTobac suggests re-humidification of dried tobacco for better handling purposes. The BulkTobac Humidification system gently sprays water over hot, dry concrete slab. The furnace is equipped with a fan reversing switch which allows the fan to circulate the damp, warm air up through the tobacco.

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