Bulk Curing Barns

Curing Methods

BulkTobac furnaces can be used in either upflow (air flow moving up through the tobacco) or downflow (air flow moving down through the tobacco) barn systems. The grower can select the method of curing that best fits his needs and experience.

BulkTobac recommends the downflow method as more energy efficient. (See the illustration at the right.) That’s because the hottest air of combustion at point of ignition is assisted in its natural upward surge by the air moving fan. As this hot air is packed into the upper section of the barn and begins to flow into the tobacco, it absorbs water by evaporation. Evaporation is a cooling process, which causes the air to become heavier. This cooler, moisture-laden heavier air naturally sinks downward through the tobacco where it exits through vents in the barn foundation. Fresh, dryer air, controlled by dampers on the furnace replaces this moist air as it exits the barn. The downward moving air, working with gravity is reinforced by the strong push/pull action of the fan. The result is much lower energy requirement and reduced curing time.

Illustration of BulkTobac's Energy Efficient
Downflow Curing Method

Rack or Box Barns

BulkTobac offers rack barns in either modular or portable styles. The modular style allows for the barn to be constructed on site and placed directly on a concrete pad. All portable barns are shipped pre-assembled and are mounted on a heavy steel 8" I-beam frame.

BulkTobac® Rack or Box Barn

BulkTobac rack barns vary in size from as small as 64 racks up to as many as 256 racks. Barns are either two or four rooms wide and have either two or three tiers in height. A listing of rack barn sizes, specifications and approximate holding capacity is as follows:

All rack barns include an indirect fired furnace, humidification system with fan forward/reverse switch, energy efficient barn structure and racks. Control options are additional. All barns are made to order so contact us for price and availability.

The curing capacity of BulkTobac Box Barns is one of the largest in the industry. The boxes’ easy roller casters permit labor saving barn loading. The boxes are designed for loading at the barn or in the field. BulkTobac’s box barns feature heavy duty wall construction including treated plywood sheet on the interior, 1/2" foil faced insulation board and heavy duty all steel siding on the exterior. The roof consists of rust resistant galvanized steel over 3-1/2" of fiberglass insulation fastened with 2" screws and neoprene washers for superior holding power. The heart of each box barn is the proven BulkTobac furnace system with its super high capacity fan and burner system.

All box barns include an indirect fired furnace, humidification system with fan forward/reverse switch, energy efficient barn structure, boxes and a track extension. Control options are additional. All box barns are made to order so contact us for price and availability.

BulkTobac Racks

Bulktobac manufactures durable lightweight, easy to handle tobacco hanging racks we call Uniracks.‘ Made from rust resistant galvanized steel each rack holds up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) of green tobacco. Each rack has a positive holding action because the tines are only 2 in. (51 mm) apart. This helps insure that the tobacco is held firmly in place throughout the curing. And each rack comes complete with a spring latch system, which locks the tobacco in the rack and permits fast, easy release when unloading.

BulkTobac's unique rack loaders and turntables increase productivity.

Rack Loaders and Turntables

Each BulkTobac rack loader enables workers to fill the racks easier and more quickly. More importantly, it allows each rack to be filled uniformly for a more even cure. The BulkTobac turntable can accommodate two rack loaders allowing one worker to load the rack on one side while on the other side another worker can be taking the loaded racks to the barn. Each loader is adjustable to various stem and leaf lengths. A simple lever adjustment on each rack loader allows the loaded rack to be dropped to horizontal for easy removal and placement in the barn. Individual rack loaders with legs are also available.

BulkTobac's unique rack loaders and turntables increase productivity.

BulkTobac Boxes

Each BulkTobac box is made from heavy gauge steel and includes easy roller casters for simple barn loading. The box size is 116" wide x 32" deep x 65" high and has 140 Ft.3 (4m3) of holding capacity and includes 72 pins to hold the tobacco in place. The 32" depth helps promote adequate airflow through the tobacco and a more even cure. All boxes have expanded metal bottom retainers to keep the tobacco from dropping down to the floor and restricting the airflow. All BulkTobac boxes are designed to be loaded directly from an automatic harvester or at the barn itself. Also available are 42" deep boxes. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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