HeatX® Heat Exchanger Conversion Kit

HeatX® Heat Exchanger Conversion Kits
and Furnaces

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HeatX Features
  • Large Open Panel-Type Heat Exchanger For Less Restriction Of Air Moving Capacity.

  • Redundant Gas Valves For Added Safety.

  • Reliable Direct Spark Ignition And Safety Air Proving Switch.

  • Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for long life.

  • Easy Pressure Adjustment For Variable Firing Rate From 170,000 Up To A Powerful 500,000 Btu/hr.

  • Factory Leak Tested And Test Fired Prior To Shipping.

  • Soft Light Atmospheric Natural Draft Burner System Or Optional CSA Design Certified Forced Draft Burner System.

HeatX Complete Gas or Oil Furnaces
BulkTobac’s HeatX™ brand furnaces are the heart of our curing system. Furnaces come in either gas or oil fired models and models are available for either upflow or downflow curing methods. Furnace capacities range from 125,000 Btu’s/hr up to a powerful 500,000 Btu’s/hr. Air moving systems include 3 hp, 5 hp, 7-1/2 hp and 10 hp for more capacity. HeatX furnaces can be purchased individually.

HeatX Conversion Kits
Our HeatX™ heat exchanger conversion kits are designed to be used with most makes of bulk barns including BulkTobac, Long, Powell, Roanoke, Dixie, Taylor and Tharrington barns. All HeatX™ heat exchanger conversion kits are available in propane (LP Gas), natural gas or oil fired models and operate using an indirect fired combustion principle where air is forced over a heat exchanger and then distributed into the tobacco. Each HeatX™ heat exchanger conversion is designed to use the existing air moving system with each barn and comes standard with burner, heat exchanger and flue pipe system.

HeatX Improves Gas Fuel Efficiency Up to 16% With Its
Variable Input Rate
BulkTobac's unique variable rate allows the tobacco grower the option to adjust the Btu input rate at any time during the cure in order to maximize fuel efficiency. Research has shown that fuel consumption can be reduced up to 16% by using the proper input or firing rate. This improved efficiency is obtained by reducing the actual gas pressure and hence the input rate which extends the time the burner is on and lengthens the average cycle time. By lengthening the cycle time, extra fuel is not used to heat up and cool down the large mass of heat exchanger too often during the cure.

It's similar to driving your car. Fuel efficiency will normally be better when driving on the highway as compared to stop and go "city type" driving. It's the same engine in both situations, but the efficiency can be improved based on how it is operated.

The chart at the right shows the effect of firing the burner at full input rate "stop and go" versus firing at half input "highway driving." In this example, the burner does not need to fire as often, as the heat exchanger is operating on a longer cycle. Experience has show that the lower firing rate is needed during yellowing and the highest firing rate will be needed during the leaf drying cycle. In both cases, BulkTobac's variable input rate offers the grower the ability to control the supply of heat throughout the cure.

For Your Safety
Installation must be performed by a qualified service person and must conform to all National, State, and Local Codes. In the absence of Local Codes, installation must conform to NFPA54- ANSI Z223.1. All wood within 36 inches of any part of the heat exchanger itself must be shielded with aluminum or removed as noted in the installation instructions provided with each individual HeatX™ heat exchanger conversion kit. All supply and return air openings should be covered with a minimum of 1/2” galvanized steel hardware cloth to prevent combustible debris from being passed through the heat exchanger and into the tobacco. Also, on initial start-up and at least on an annual basis, all pipe fittings and joints in the gas train and all gas connections should be checked for leaks. Please carefully follow the printed installation and operating instructions included with each unit. Failure to follow these safety instructions can result in a fire. If you have any questions or need additional information, consult your BulkTobac HeatX™ dealer or contact us directly for the name of the dealer nearest you.

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